Creating Online Stores via WhatsApp

Creating Online Stores via WhatsApp with BssWhats

May 30, 2024 - 14:24
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Creating Online Stores via WhatsApp

Creating Online Stores via WhatsApp with BssWhats

BssWhats is an innovative platform that allows individuals and businesses to create their own online stores using WhatsApp, facilitating the buying and selling process online in a convenient and efficient manner. The idea is based on leveraging WhatsApp as the main tool for communication and transactions, eliminating the need for complex websites or high operational costs. In this article, we will explore the concept and main advantages that make BssWhats an ideal choice for entrepreneurs and store owners.


BssWhats is designed to empower individuals and businesses to build and manage their online stores easily through WhatsApp. Users can quickly create their own stores and start selling their products directly through the app. This method is perfect for those looking to take advantage of WhatsApp's large user base without investing significant time and effort in developing a website.


Dual User Interfaces

BssWhats features two interfaces: one for the end-user (customer) and the other for administration. The end-user can easily browse products and make purchases with a single click, while the administration can manage products, orders, and monitor performance through their control panel. These dual interfaces enhance the user experience and improve administrative efficiency.

Easy Store Management

The BssWhats platform allows users to manage their stores with high flexibility. Products can be added, categorized, priced, and orders and inventory can be managed easily. These tools simplify daily operations and make them more organized, allowing stores to grow and expand without facing significant management issues.

Theme Customization

BssWhats offers a variety of themes that users can customize according to their preferences. Stores can be designed to reflect the brand's identity and attract customers uniquely and distinctively. This feature helps improve the store's appearance and increase its appeal to potential customers.

Multilingual Support

The BssWhats platform is available in multiple languages, making it accessible to users from various cultures and linguistic backgrounds. This feature enhances the potential customer base and allows stores to expand into new markets without language barriers.

Seamless WhatsApp Integration

One of the biggest advantages of BssWhats is its seamless integration with WhatsApp. Users can receive orders and exchange messages with customers directly through the app, providing an effective and user-friendly communication channel. This integration enhances the user experience and helps build strong customer relationships.


The BssWhats platform offers a comprehensive solution for creating and managing stores via WhatsApp, with a set of advantages that make it an ideal choice for entrepreneurs and store owners. With dual user interfaces, easy store management, theme customization, multilingual support, and seamless WhatsApp integration, users can build successful and efficient stores that meet their needs and aspirations

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