Design of electronic cards

BssCard platform offers comprehensive solutions for creating and managing digital business cards flexibly and efficiently. With its various features such as a comprehensive dashboard, template variety and colors, integration with cloud services, and advanced security features, BssCard provides a superior user experience that helps individuals and companies communicate professionally and securely

Jun 10, 2024 - 14:29
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Design of electronic cards

"BssCard: Innovative Platform for Digital Business Card Creation and Management"

Introduction: In the modern business world, digital business cards have become essential for professional communication and efficient information exchange. BssCard platform is one of the leading platforms that provide comprehensive solutions for creating and managing digital business cards, making it easier for individuals and companies to exchange contact information professionally and modernly. In this article, we will detail the features and benefits offered by the BssCard platform.

The Idea: The BssCard platform is designed specifically to enable individuals and companies to create digital business cards flexibly and efficiently. The platform offers powerful tools and various features that help users customize their cards to suit their personal or business needs. Thanks to the modern technology used, BssCard provides a seamless and secure user experience.


  1. Comprehensive Dashboard: BssCard offers a comprehensive dashboard containing all the necessary tools to manage and customize digital business cards easily. Users can edit and manage contact information, working hours, appointments, and services with ease.

  2. Template Variety and Colors: The platform offers 21 different themes with 5 color options for each theme, giving users 50 variations to customize their cards. This diversity allows individuals and companies to choose the design that best reflects their identity.

  3. Integration with Cloud Services: BssCard supports integration with cloud storage services such as Local, AWS, and Wasabi, providing a secure and reliable environment for storing and sharing digital business cards.

  4. Protection and Security: The platform relies on advanced security technologies such as passwords and data encryption, ensuring the privacy and security of user information.

  5. Premium QR Code Add-Ons: This feature allows users to create custom QR codes to direct customers to Facebook pages, PDF files, specific events, coupon offers, Google Form templates, or Google Maps easily.

  6. Multi-Language Support: The platform is available in multiple languages, making it easy to use by individuals and companies worldwide, and enhancing their communication with a wider audience.

  7. Modern Technology: BssCard relies on Progressive Web App (PWA) technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI), providing an advanced and seamless user experience.

  8. Additional Features:

    • Easy layout customization through drag and drop.
    • Easy storage of cards on mobile devices.
    • Appointment module for scheduling appointments.
    • Password protection to unlock the card.
    • Contract module for digital signature.
    • Google and Facebook Pixel analytics.
    • Custom subdomain options.
    • Email notification for appointment creation.
    • Custom settings for RTL, disabling, primary color, sidebar, and layout.
    • Easy changes to landing page.

Conclusion: BssCard platform provides a comprehensive and reliable solution for creating and managing digital business cards efficiently and professionally. With a wide range of templates, integration with cloud services, advanced security features, and multi-language support, BssCard offers a superior user experience that helps individuals and companies communicate better with their audience. If you're looking for a modern and effective way to manage your business cards, BssCard is the ideal choice for you.

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